Some members of the committee and the coaching group got together this month to discuss next season coaching model and our prioritises as club committee and coaches to all our athletes.

Sue Beattie and John McCann have been our Coaching Coordinators through their Triexcel business for the last two years are they have been instrumental in the success we have seen as a club and in all our athletes. Sue and John made the decision to step away from the coaching coordination gig and we as a club are forever grateful to both of them for the time that they put into Triexcel.

Moving forward we now as a club are searching for the next season coaching option. At the workshop we unanimously voted that we search for a head coach who would not only be the face of the club but also lead the caching coordination in the similar style that Triexcel have made us accustomed too. The Committee is taking with various coaches to see if they would fit into the role of head coach and be the face of the club. If you think you have what it take to take on the head coach role please contact [email protected]

We are excited about what next season can hold for our athletes – watch this space!