Adequate race day preparation is just as important as the training you’ll do in the lead up to the event. Here are my tips to getting ready for the race.

Stick to your morning nutrition routine:

Don’t innovate on the race morning. Make sure your routine is consistent with the training you’ve been doing prior.


Everyone’s warm-up routine will be different, depending on what you’re racing for. Mine is composed of three different warm-ups. I do a muscular wake up four hours before the start of the race. I go for a 45′ easy pace bike ride. Then I eat my brekkie, get my race number pack, then install my bike and gears in the transition area.

I then listen very carefully to the briefing. The latest information is given by the organisation director and the officials, so it’s important you’re there and ready to hear the briefing.

Following the briefing, I do a body temperature warm-up with an easy run for 10′ followed by some accelerations.

I put on my blueseventy wetsuit and start a specific dry warm-up. I finally go for a short swim with some drills, kick and accelerations. Then I have my first gel before the start!

I’m looking forward to a great weekend down in Pemberton… not long to go now! See you on the course.