Matt Burton has completed his fair share of triathlons over the years. From sprint to Olympic distances he’s done it all. He’s felt the adrenaline rush of the transitions from swim to bike, and bike to run hundreds of times over. But if there’s one feeling that’s consistent every time he competes, it’s that nervous feeling you get just before the start of the race.

“Everybody’s anxious, everybody’s nervous,” he said.

“But never let that take over your psyche.”

“Being anxious before doing something for the first time is 100% normal.”

Matt admits the swim can often be the reason why people feel most nervous before a race.

“It’s so important to just let the siren go, give yourself five or ten seconds. Find clear water if you need to,” he said.

“Take a deep breath and know that once you get going, you’ll forget it.”

“Even the most elite sports people in the world get nervous,” he said.

In terms of your performance in the race, Matt says it’s important to avoid the negative self-talk.

“Personally you’re going to be the most negative on yourself, you’re going to be your biggest critic,” he said.

“If you can overcome that and support yourself, you’ll do great.”

“Regardless of how you go, your friends, family and everyone else will be there to cheer you on”.

The RAC Karri Valley Triathlon is in its 16th year and is held in Pemberton, 3.5 hours’ drive from Perth. It is a family friendly weekend held on 23-24 March 2019. The RAC Little Legends Kids Triathlon is held on 24 March for those aged 7-13 years wanting to give triathlon a go.

Registrations are now open and there are exclusive accommodation discounts available for participants staying in Pemberton. Check out the RAC Karri Valley Triathlon Facebook page for more information.