2019 will be my fourth time at the RAC Karri Valley Triathlon. To help you get the most out of the race, I’m sharing my experience with the course so you can get a feeling for what to expect on race day.


When the gun goes off, there’s no need to sprint up to the first buoy. There are plenty of waves so the groups are limited in numbers. Plus, the race is two plus hours long, so it’s not a great idea to burn your stored carbs in the first 200m of the swim. Start at a comfy pace. Remember that the quickest way is the shortest.

Because of the horizontal position and the predominance of the arms propulsion versus the legs, it’s a good thing to start kicking more towards the end of the swim, so there is a redistribution of the blood volume from your arms to your legs. Stand only when your arm touches the ground.

Transition 1: Long run with a steep downhill. Remove the upper part of your wetsuit straight after the swim. It is easier to remove it when there is still a layer of water.


Stay conservative on the first lap. For that reason, I don’t allow myself to stand on the pedals on the hill. Keep an aero position on the flat but exposed section.

When you’re on the downhill, take this opportunity hydrate but stay aero. Carbs are absorbed easier when the heart rate is lower than higher.

Transition 2: Place a towel so when you put your shoes on, you don’t carry leaves or wooden stick in your shoes.


I always do my first kilometre like an easy jog. The run starts by a steep hill and the running pattern is different from the one in cycling so it’s best to start easy. The muscle contraction type is also different. Once I’m a kilometre into the run, I try to build up the tempo.

The team at Bindi will be stationed around the run course so don’t forget to stay hydrated on your way past them.

KVT is set amongst a beautiful backdrop so enjoy the scenery on the bike and run legs!


A great way to begin recovery is to get a free massage at the BetterTriUs tent.

Enjoy a free Masters choc milk at the finish line. Choc milk is a great post-race drink as it contains a good amount of sugar and carbs to help your body replenish what you lost during the race.

All that’s left to do then is to get ready for a great night!

There will be a buffet dinner at the resort plus Simon Beaumont will be performing with his band.

Don’t forget to watch the youngsters the next day pushing themselves hard in the RAC Little Legends Triathlon on the Sunday morning.

Once festivities have wrapped up, use the rest of the weekend to check out the best Pemberton and the South West has to offer. There’s no shortage of things to do so head to westernaustralia.com and search ‘Pemberton’.

See you there!