Interview with September Athlete of the month Naomi O’Shea

When did you start doing tri’s?
I started doing tri’s 3 years ago.

What can you remember about your first race?
First race I remember the swim being like being in a washing machine. I was getting sloshed around so much that it was comical and I started laughing. I actually had to stop swimming a couple of times because I couldn’t stop laughing. Also I was riding my hybrid and my husband Wayne said I didn’t look like I was racing but rather that I had just popped out to buy some milk!

What keeps you motivated?
To stay motivated I have an agreement with myself that it doesn’t matter how I feel before training or an event, I just have to do it. If, after the training session or the event, I wish that I hadn’t done it then I won’t make myself do it anymore.

What are your current goals?
Current goals; to be consistent with my training and see how well I can do with Sprint tri’s (p.b.). And to try an olympic distance tri this season.

What do you most enjoy about training with STC?
Getting up for morning sessions sometimes feels like I’m going against some law of nature. I enjoy seeing everyone’s friendly faces at the early morning sessions and pretending like it’s a completely normal time for me to be up!

What three words best describe triathlon for you?
Challenging, rewarding, camaraderie.